Doctor & Practitionors


Dr. Rod LeBlanc, Dr. TCM R.AC | Myofascial Pain Therapist 


Dr. Rod LeBlanc, Dr. TCM R.Ac | Myofascial Pain Therapist


Dr. LeBlanc is the Clinical Director and founder of the Lifelong Health Pain Clinic since 2000.


Dr. LeBlanc has a BA from the University of Winnipeg in 1970.  A Diploma in Management with the Sauder School of Business, UBC.  Dr. TCM, R.Ac. CTCMA, Miller School of  Integrative Medicine, Miami University, Biopuncture Certification, Blatman International Myofascial Academy Certification in Pain Therapies. Aricular German Acupuncture Certification.


Dr. Rod LeBlanc practices myofascial pain treatments, utilizing trigger point Acupunccture therapies.  He has been trained by  Dr. Hal Blatman, MD, DAAPM, ABIHM, Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management who was trained by Dr. Janet Travell M.D., John F. Kennedy's personal physician. 


He is fully trained and licensed as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine  practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine and myofascial pain therapies and joint  regeneration, utilizing both ancient and modern medicine. 

Glynis LeBlanc, MOA| I-ACT ANN Certified Colon Hydrotherapists, LBA

Glynis is the Clinical Managing Parter of Lifelong Health Pain Clinic and MOA.   She is Secretary Treasurer for SAIT (Society for Acupoint Injection Therapy).  

Glynis graduated from Creative Health training in Live Blood Cell Analysis for the Applied Nutritional Microscopy Certificate.  Prime Pacific College as an I-ACT ANN Certified Colon Hydrotherapists.  She entered the health industry after graduating from McKay College as an MOA ; working with Dr. Anthony Yurkovitch and Dr. W.A. Anderson.  

Glynis is very caring and empathetic practicing with compassion, intuitiveness, scientific and clinical medical expertise.

Li-Hua Chiang | TCMP, R.Ac 


In 2008 Dr. Li-Hua Chiang arrived in Canada from Taiwan to study for her second Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree.  Li-Hua is a fourth generation doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Her grandfather was a famous bone-setter in Taiwan who taught Li-Hua from an early age, how to manipulate and set bones, make poultices and ointments.  She received her acupuncture licence in Taiwan in 1986.  In 2003 Li-Hua studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for three years at the University of Nanjing, China.  She received her first Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was licensed as a Chinese Medical Practitioner from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2008.


She received her Bachelor of Oriental Medicine from the American Burlington University in 2006.  She also has a Master in Chinese Medicine from the University of Nanjing and will receive her second Doctorate degree from the University of Nanjing.  In addition to being a Master herbalists and acupuncturists, Li-Hua received certification in Injection Therapies from SAIT.