The treatments performed by Dr. Rod LeBlanc and his team have provided the ability to continue through the health issues and in some cases provided instant relief.  The entire staff is very knowledgable, caring and ensure comfort is provided during treatments.    ... I am so grateful! - Mardy

Google Review November 13, 2020

Dr. LeBlanc is the most knowledgeable health care professional I have ever met and I am just nothing short of amazed at how well trigger point injection therapy resolves muscle and pain issues.  I suffered a severe shoulder injury last winter and had been to the doctor, chriopractor and physio therapist, but no one could really help.  I had limited movement and excrutiating pain.  One visit with Dr. LeBlanc and I regained full movement and no more pain!  Thank you Dr. LeBlanc! But he dosen't just help you body to heal itself, he teaches you about proper nutrition and explains how the body works so you can learn to help yourself.  Highly recomment this clinic! 

C. Jensen